The Meaning of Wild Ana Crow’s First Logo

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Bioregional Animism, Stone Age

This is Wild Ana Crow’s first logo, which is very special to me. In the centre, you can see an Iberian Wild Goat, the drawing found in the Côa Valley, Portugal, and made by my/our Ancestors about 20 000 years ago. Around the Goat, I drew different symbols that were found in rock art all over Ice Age Europe. One of these symbols is particularly special to me after visiting Font-de-Gaume cave in 2016, but in general all of them speak to me immensely, even though not much is known about them yet. In terms of symbolism, this logo obviously transpires my profound love for my Ancestors from the Stone Age, whom I admire so deeply. Even though the central drawing is of a Wild Goat, choosing the Goat and not another wild animal was intentional. I work a lot with Sheep skins and, hopefully in the future, with Goat skins too. Thus, I wished to honour them too in my logo, as well as my more recent Ancestors who worked with these animals and also lived off the land. Last but not least, the fact that this Wild Goat is under threat of extinction, and two of the four subspecies have recently became extinct (in 1890 and 2000), reinforces my belief in the importance of Rewilding Portugal. This is why this logo is so special to me. It really embodies so much of what I love.

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