I have a confession to make: it was really hard for me to put my camera down during my time in Kierikki! For the most part of our Stone Age Winter Week, I tried to keep technology at bay and focus on the present moment, which was incredibly nurturing to my body and mind (as always). However… damn, that place was just beautiful with all the snow and the sun and the trees and… Wait, I’ll show you.

I’ve compiled a selection of 52 photos I took during that week to share with you guys. I tried to choose the pics that will hopefully give you a better feeling of the beauty of Kierikki during Winter time (spoiler alert: it’s VERY beautiful 😍). Seriously, if you ever decide to travel to Finland, do visit Yli-Ii and stop by Kierikki! You won’t regret it ❤️

If you’d like to learn more about Kierikki Stone Age Centre and what our group was up to there during a whole week last February, do read my post Stone Age Living | My Week at Kierikki Stone Age Centre here. For now, I hope you enjoy this photo compilation of our Stone Age Winter Week! 😊 So much love to you!


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