For thousands of years, our ancestors lived in close relationship with the land through the practise of traditional living skills. Today, these skills open a door for us to remember the old ways, reconnecting us to our ecological community and ourselves as well as making way for new possibilities towards a more earth-honouring future

Upcoming Courses 2022

Living in Reciprocity with the Land

20th-26th February 2023

Living as Sacred | Online Journey

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Fishskin Tanning Workshop

24th September 2022

Ebora Megalithica

Centro Interpretativo dos Almendres, Évora

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Sheepskin Tanning Guidebook

In this guidebook, you will learn how to fat tan your own hair-on sheepskin, using only natural fats, smoke and a lot of elbow grease to transform a raw skin into a beautiful pelt that can be used in various projects.

The book covers the full fat tanning process from start to finish, including how to make your own homemade tanning solution and how to soften the hide both by hand and with a frame.

It is especially helpful to those starting their own tanning journey or looking for information particular to sheepskin tanning.

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