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Living in Reciprocity with the Land

Living as Sacred | Online Journey

February 20th to 26th (2023)

Living as Sacred is an online journey that will guide you in reclaiming your sacred connection with yourself, your relationships, with the human and other-than-human world, supporting you to remember how to live in reciprocity and respect and how to better serve our common home, the Earth.

Even though the full online journey has already started in October, it is still possible to join each individual week and learn about those topics that interest you the most.

I’m so happy and honoured to be part of this journey. On the 11th week, we will work together to see our old ancestors with new eyes and explore what it means to live a life in service to the land and ecological community, delving into the importance of getting to know our other-than-human family, reciprocal conservation, ancestral skills and rewilding.

🌺 WILL YOU JOIN US? This second edition is the last time this specific content will be available. Let us dive together into this beautiful journey!

Price: 42 euros

The price includes:

  • ​45 minute video class
  • PDF with resources to support you in the learning of the topics explored in the class
  • PDF with practise

Language: English & Portuguese

How to join:

  1. Send an email to and tell them you would like to join my class;
  2. They will send you the payment details
  3. Send them the proof of payment;
  4. They will give you the access for the class

Learn more about Living as Sacred here

Oficina | Curtume Vegetal de Pele de Peixe

24 de Setembro de 2022

Ebora Megalithica, Centro Interpretativo dos Almendres, Évora, Portugal

Nesta oficina, irás aprender a arte de transformar uma pele de peixe em couro com métodos ancestrais. Irás aprender como remover, limpar, curtir e amaciar uma pele de truta ou salmão, de modo a transformá-la numa bonita e resistente peça de couro, a qual poderás utilizar na criação de bolsas, pulseiras, carteiras e até artigos de vestuário. Aprenderás a trabalhar sem químicos nem máquinas, usando apenas materiais locais e naturais, ferramentas manuais simples e o movimento das nossas mãos. Acima de tudo, desenvolverás uma relação próxima com o animal, a terra e os nossos antepassados.

Inscrições & Mais Informações: enviar e-mail para, ou ligar para o número 964 808 337

Vagas limitadas. Desconto para grupos.

Inscrições até 14 de Setembro de 2022

Sheepskin Tanning Guidebook

In this guidebook, you will learn how to fat tan your own hair-on sheepskin, using only natural fats, smoke and a lot of elbow grease to transform a raw skin into a beautiful pelt that can be used in various projects.

The book covers the full fat tanning process from start to finish, including how to make your own homemade tanning solution and how to soften the hide both by hand and with a frame.

It is especially helpful to those starting their own tanning journey or looking for information particular to sheepskin tanning.