Dreaming of Summer Days

Last updated Mar 18, 2021

Even though it was late Spring, she could feel a cold breeze touching her face. A shiver run through her body. Brrrr. Without thinking twice, she reached for her sheepskin and covered herself with it. The Sun was shinning and the warmth of its rays were welcomed by her body. She buried her face on the wool and felt a deep sense of well-being. The gentle smell of smoke always made her happy. A Buzzard cried in the distance and she lifted her gaze up to the Sky. It was a beautiful day, and all she could do was dreaming about the soon to be Summer days, filled with berry picking and swimming in the cold river.

Hello there! My name is Ana Filipa Piedade and I am a portuguese hide tanner and ancestral skills student, practioner and teacher who finds a lot of joy in sharing about traditional living skills with others. I hope you enjoy this space!

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