Last updated Mar 18, 2021

R E L A T I O N S H I P with N A T U R E

|| Human and Other-Than-Human People of Iberia ||

My photography is mainly inspired by Animism. Animists are those who see the world full of persons, only some of them Human. Through my photography, I try to capture the stories of Other-than-human persons (e.g. Tree People, Fern People, Stone people, etc) as well as the relationship between Humans and all the other Living Beings.

Light and darkness are part of the same, however, I’ve always struggled with darkness, in a constant fight to be “good” all the time. Recently, I’ve been working in accepting myself as I am and Nature as she is, darkness included. I want to destroy the idea I was conditioned to, of good versus evil, and accept that life is just… fluid. Therefore, darkness is a big part of my most recent work, and it’s been quite a journey so far.

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Hello there! My name is Ana Filipa Piedade and I am a portuguese hide tanner and ancestral skills student, practioner and teacher who finds a lot of joy in sharing about traditional living skills with others. I hope you enjoy this space!

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