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Living as Sacred is a path and journey that will guide you in reclaiming and expanding your sacred connection with all aspects of creation: with yourself, your relationships, with the human and more-than-human world, supporting you to remember how to live in reciprocity and harmony with life and questioning how to better serve our common home, the Earth. It is a journey of remembering, re-imagining and reclaiming where we are ALL called to actively participate and contribute, in recognition that we are all wisdom keepers.

This online journey includes:

  • 6 months online journey
  • 13 different sections all available ONLINE, with videos, audio recordings and PDF material that you can do in your own pace (available for 1 year in total)
  • Live integration sessions at the end of every theme. These will be recorded and available within 48hrs from the live
  • Special guests zoom calls (announced throughout the year)
  • A Community Telegram group of support & community building platform

Early bird until July 14th. Payment plans available.

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Learn a wide range of practical tools, immerse yourself in deep inquiry and expand your sensitivity to live a more regenerative and sustainable life in harmony with the Earth. Immerse yourself back into the natural cycles of body & earth, rekindle kinship & intimacy with all things, re-imagine your relationship to the web of life. Learn about plants, different healing modalities, ancestral crafts and skills to open your capacity to see the world with new eyes and carve out a new future.

You will navigate through 5 modules, deeply inspired by the work of Joanna Macy, "The Work That Reconnects":

  • M O D U L E  1 : Gratitude & Grief
    • Ancient Sisters
    • Facilitated by Emilia Cianci, Maria Peres
  • M O D U L E  2 : Returning Home
    • Inhabiting, expanding & nourishing our earth bodies
    • Facilitated by Emilia Cianci, Charlotte J. Ward, Maria Peres
  • M O D U L E  3 : Sacred Earth
    • Restoring kinship to the natural world
    • Facilitated by Maria Terra, Teresa Feijó, Nat Muget, Fernanda Botelho
  • M O D U L E  4 : Singing Earth
    • We are vessels for creation
    • Facilitated by Linda Pappa, Jordan Storm Louise, Elizabeth Crawford, Ana Tippi
  • M O D U L E  5 : Carving a New Earth
    • Visions for a new future
    • Facilitated by Ana Filipa Piedade, Iris Garcia, Emilia Cianci, Maria Peres

I am very happy to have been invited for the 2nd time to be part of the Living as Sacred council. In this edition, I'll be offering a class on Ancestral Skills, Kinship & Local Action.

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