Loba || Handtanned Sheepskin


Loba (she-wolf in portuguese) is a beautiful, white sheepskin, approximately 95x71cm. She’s very soft and fluffy, with shorter and curlier hair on some parts and longer hair on others. All my sheepskins are handtanned by me, with only natural fats and a lot of physical work. You can learn more about the process here.

All my sheepskins are washed and brushed, and vegetable matter is removed as much as possible. Nevertheless, it is always possible to find a twig or a grass seed stuck in the wool. All sheepskins go also through a smoking stage, which helps preserve the skin. Some areas on the bottom edge of the skin have a light golden tint where the smoke escaped and dyed the wool, giving her even more personality.

This sheepskin is perfect to be used as a rug, a mat on soft ground, a cover or just as decoration on a chair or sofa. Also beautiful for living history or ritual!

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