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If you’d like to have your own handmade leather neck pouch, this is your opportunity! This magical pouch is perfect to carry special sacred things near to your heart, such as a photo of a loved one, a stone, a small feather, maybe even lavender or other fragrant herbs.

Information about the leather pouches:

Each pouch is approximately 4,5 x 9 cm, and includes a hand twisted buckskin cordage (see photos 10 and 11) or a braided dark wool string (see photos 12 and 13; more photos of pouches with wool string soon) to allow you to use her around your neck (approx. 73 cm long)

Each pouch includes bark tanned goatskin on the back and the front panel can either be fat tanned goatskin (examples: photos 2-4) or sheepskin (examples: photos 5-9). All leather has been naturally tanned by me. You can read more about my tanning methods here.

The photos on the side show you how diverse these pouches can be due to the front panel. Keep in mind this front panel is dependant on the skins I have available. When placing your order, choose what kind of front panel you’d prefer (goatskin or sheepskin) as well as the type of string you’d like to have (buckskin string is very limited). After you place your order, I will get in touch with you to share what panels are possible, so that you can choose your favourite. Feel free to contact me before buying as well, in case you’d like to know which options are available before placing your order.

Made-to-order information:

  • Each pouch is made to order;
  • Orders placed first will also be fulfilled first;
  • Please allow 1-3 weeks for production time. You will receive an e-mail as soon as your order is shipped.

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