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Ötzi, the Iceman, is a glacier mummy from the Copper Age, who was discovered in 1991 on the Schnalstal/Val Senales Valley glacier, together with his clothing and equipment. Included in his gear was the wooden structure of a backpack (see photo of replica by Ötzi Exhibition). Since I am highly inspired by our ancient Ancestors in general and Ötzi’s story in particular, I started exploring the idea of creating a mini Ötzi backpack, not exactly a replica but still inspired by the archaeological findings… and so the Ötzi’s neck pouch was born!


Would you like to have your own Ötzi inspired neck pouch? Then do this:

  • Choose your favourite pouch in the shop and add it to your cart;
  • Come to this listing and add a willow frame to the cart as well;
  • Once I receive your order, I will sew the frame to your pouch before shipping it 😊;
  • Since the frame system is still being refined to meet my own standards, willow frames ready to go are *very limited*;
  • Frames will also be temporarily free for the same reason, so be quick to grab yours!

Also, some more important information:

  • Pouch in photo is not for sale. It is just an example of how your pouch can look like after the frame is added;
  • Frame is sewed to your pouch with biodegradable linen thread;
  • Willow is a natural material and therefore, each frame will look slightly different;
  • Frame can only be ordered together with one of the pouches – one frame for one pouch (see shop to choose yours!)

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