Walking Earth Gathering 2023


Come join us for this gathering, nested in the womb of the Monchique mountains.

This is the 3rd edition of this beautiful gathering and I feel so happy and grateful to have been invited as a guest teacher by the wonderful co-creators and hosts, Olga Sadowski and Maria Peres.

On each day, we will share with you something beautiful and meaningful, themes and practises so close to our hearts that have the power to help you expand your awareness of your own body and how tightly woven you are to the fabric of life.

Olga & Maria will share with you their wisdom on food as medicine, natural gynecology and ritual; I will teach you how to make a beautiful handmade coiled basket from scratch, exploring different plant materials. During the whole time, our Cork Elders will watch us from above and embrace us in our journey together.

Read more about the whole journey here. To join us, tap on “Register here” to jump to the external registration page.

I hope to meet you there🌿🌸

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