Welcome to my Resources page! eheh This is where I share projects, communities, small businesses, articles, and much more that I find relevant and worth sharing. I will only share books and videos that I have read and enjoyed, as well as projects that I know and/or inspire me! I have many more resources to share, so… this list will be constantly updated 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!


Introduction to Animism by Ana Filipa Piedade

Introduction to Natural Hide Tanning by Ana Filipa Piedade

“Animism” Revisited: Personhood, Environment, and Relational Epistemology by Nurit Bird-David

What is Animism by Daniel Foor

Animism by Russell Edwards

Depth Ecology by David Abram

Animism, Perception, and Earthly Craft of the Magician by David Abram

A biologist believes that trees speak a language we can learn by Ephrat Livni

Humans Are Destroying Animals’ Ancestral Knowledge by Ed Yong

The Great Forgetting: You Probably Haven’t Heard about It But It Completely Affects Your Life by Deep Ecology Hub

Towards an Understanding of Cultural Appropriation in Rewilding by Peter Michael Bauer

Brain Tan – Articles about Brain and Bark Tanning


Animism: Respecting the Living World by Graham Harvey

The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

A Language Older than Words by Derrick Jensen

Animals Tracks, Trails and Signs by R. W. Brown, M.J. Lawrence and J. Pope

Collins Bird Guide by Lars Svensson, Killian Mullarney, Dan Zetterström, Peter J Grant, David A Christie

Food for Free by Richard Mabey

Earth Knack: Stone Age Skills for the 21st Century by Bart Blankenship, Robin Blankenship

The Findhorn Book of Connection with Nature by John R. Stowe


Wilder Mann by Charles Freger

Photography of Trás-os-Montes’ people in the 80’s (Portugal) by Georges Dussaud


Graham Harvey Full Interview on Animism by Voices of the Earth

Ancestral Healing: Insights on Animism & Shamanism by Daniel Foor with Bonnie Bright

Reclaiming the Honorable Harvest by Robin Kimmerer at TEDxSitka

Online Courses

Practical Animism by Daniel Foor

HerbMentor by John Gallagher, Kimberly Gallagher and Rosalee de la Forêt


For the Wild

Inspirational people, Projects & Small Businesses

Lynx Vilden – Living Wild

Wild Awake Ireland

Red Squirrel Ancestral Skills

Roots School

Arthur Haines

Wild Wool Shepherdess

Dajana Heremic – Fine Art & Craftsmanship

Rewilding Europe

Rewilding Western Iberia

1 Million Redwoods Project



Rewilding Portugal

Rewilding Western Iberia (in english)

Rewilding do Oeste Ibérico (em português)

Associação Transumância e Natureza

Colectivo Metamorfilia

Movimento Somos Natureza