Bolota means “acorn” in Portuguese. I decided to give this name to the bag because of its cute shape. It is made from a sheepskin I handtanned myself, just like our Ancestors used to (you can learn more about the tanning method here). The bag is about 21x25x9 cm, being wider on the top and narrower on the bottom. The handle is about 94 cm long, beautifully handwoved in a 4-strand braid with 100% Portuguese wool from different native breeds of Churra sheep. The handle can be easily removed or adjusted, which means Bolota can be used as a hip bag as well.

This bag includes two beautiful copper metal rings, which I commissioned to Pedro Carvalho, a super skilled Portuguese artisan that recycles different materials he finds on his travels to create beautiful pieces of art. Copper naturally reacts with air, creating a beautiful green patina with time which can be avoided with minimal maintenance (tips provided). Also, there’s a tiny bit of hair missing on the back (bottom) as well as on the front (top), which is hardly visible. They tell a story of their tanning and making process, which I find very beautiful, making them unique.

Overall, the bag is very comfortable to wear, the wool is super soft and fluffy, and it’s just… so… cute! Due to its oval shape, it’s ideal to carry smaller objects of daily life. Or maybe sea shells, plants, seeds and feathers. You choose.

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