This felted collar was named after the Great White Heron, which in Portuguese translates to Garça Branca. The reason was mainly due to the fact that both sides of the collar have such beautiful shapes that remind me of the wings of a white bird. I love how the act of felting magically transformed a dirty raw fleece into something so beautiful!

Garça Branca is aprox. 123 cm wide and 63 cm long (on the front). This magnificent fleece is from the Churra Mirandesa sheep. This rustic breed is native to the North of Portugal, particular to the region of Miranda do Douro in Trás-os-Montes. Due to the fact that the sheep roam free in the fields, the wool came covered in different seeds and small twigs. I did my best to remove them, but it is impossible to remove them all without ruining the integrity of the fleece. One of the photos shows an example of an area with vegetable matter. Personally, I feel it adds a story to the fleece, making it unique. This fleece also sheds a bit of hair, which I believe will become less of a problem with time. Nevertheless, the price reflects this aspect.

This piece is perfect to be used in a varied of ways: as a collar, as a “scarf” (by throwing one of the front panels over the shoulder), around the head, just bellow the shoulders as a shawl… you choose! It is very warm, thus perfect to protect you from the cold of Winter. Also amazing to be used in ritual or re-enactment.

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