Jãs are very common fairies in the Portuguese mythology. They are very small, smaller than a cup of tea, and live in family homes, where they spend their time spinning linen. If we want to be on their good side, then it is advisable to offer them a linen skein and a small cookie, or a bit of bread and wine. If they are pleased, we’ll find the most beautiful linen cloth in the morning. However, if we fail to appease them, we’ll find the linen cloth burnt.

is made from a sheepskin I handtanned myself, the ancient way (you can learn more about the tanning method here). The collar is about 50×36 cm and has been cut and sewn together in order to have a perfect fit over the shoulders. It is perfect to use over a coat or dress, to add that extra warmth around the shoulder area this Winter. It is also perfect for ritual or re-enactment.

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