Lua features different symbols. There’s a serpentiform, several dots, a half circle, four lines, a zigzag, a tectiform, a segmented cruciform and a single line. All of these symbols were found in caves and rock art of Europe and other parts of the world, painted and/or carved in stone by our Ancestors.

The symbols are contained inside a circle. The light area is the sheepskin showing through. The symbols and all the area around the circle was painted with just Ochre mixed in water. Red ochre is a very common natural pigment on Earth, and its use was particular intensive by our Ancestors. When painting with it, I couldn’t help but enter in a meditative state. I was amazed how the colour of the Ochre reminded me so much of the colour of my Moontime Blood, and I felt an even stronger connection with the Earth, my Body and our Ancestors.

This piece is about 16×15 cm. The back of the painting is covered with the softest wool you can imagine. I chose this sheepskin specifically for this purpose. This particular piece has a Moon shape, thus its name Lua. Since I only used Ochre and water, it is advisable to minimize touching the painted side. Also, since this is a 100% natural handmade item, it might change over time and with the exposure to the elements.

Lua was created as an altar piece in honour of our old Ancestors. It can also be hanged on a wall or used around the neck in ritual.

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