Oilam was the Lusitanian word for “little sheep”. The Lusitanians were a group of tribes that lived between the Douro and Tejo Rivers, occupying current central Portugal and part of central Spain. In Cabeço das Fráguas (Portugal), an inscription was found in Lusitanian language, which mentioned the offering of two Oila (plural of Oilam), one to Trebaruna and another to Trebopala (both believed to be protectors/protectresses of property, home and families).

Oilam is made from a sheepskin I handtanned myself, just like our Ancestors used to (you can learn more about the tanning method here). The bag is about 30x18x8 cm and the handle is about 96,5 cm long, plus an extra strip of aprox. 15 cm after the knot on the metal ring (this knot system was done in order to give you the option to adjust the handle at your wish). The handle is beautifully handwoved in a 4-strand braid with 100% Portuguese wool from different native breeds of Churra sheep.

This bag includes two beautiful copper metal rings, which I commissioned to Pedro Carvalho, a super skilled Portuguese artisan that recycles different materials he finds on his travels to create beautiful pieces of art. Oilam also includes a strip of bark tanned leather, which can be rolled around a beautiful reindeer antler button to keep your bag nice and closed 🙂

Overall, the bag is very comfortable to wear and it can carry small items of your daily life, like a wallet, a phone, a small notebook, or herbs from your forest walk.

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