Dear wanderer,

Thank you for being here. My name is Ana Filipa Piedade and I am a portuguese hide tanner, crafter and visual storyteller with a deep love for prehistory and folklore.

I have always had a deep connection with Nature that always shaped my life choices. In my academic years, I studied conservation biology and for a while dreamt of working in the field, until I realised what I really wanted was to live a slow simple life, more connected to nature. That led me to study permaculture/horticulture and look for a piece of land where I could plant trees and live sustainably together with my family.

I have always loved to create, but it was when I discovered ancestral crafts & skills that my passion really bloomed. It also opened a portal that allowed me to see my ancestors with new eyes, offering me so much more appreciation for their ancient ways of life and timeless wisdom. Even though I have been practising ancestral and traditional skills for some years now, I still feel I know so little and am always curious to learn more.

Wild Ana Crow is born out of my love for the land, my other-than-human kin and the ancestors. My hope is that my work inspires you too to expand your web of relations and reconnect not only with yourself but also with our extended family of other animals, plants, trees, mountains, clouds… It is a beautiful thing when we realise we are part of such a vast and diverse family, and that we are never truly alone.

se gostares de receitas com plantas e frutos silvestres, artes manuais e prehistória ♥

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