KINSHIP: World as Archipelago

Published on Jan 2, 2023 | Last updated on Jan 3, 2023

We inhabit a world of islands. Despite our separations, cosmic and interpersonal, we are all intimately connected. We are joined at the oceanic root, at the depths of the seabed, and by the salt-stippled space between us. The seas of relation that meditate our entanglements are, in the same breath, domains of impasse traversed only through building arks and yielding to the winds that carry our words and wares in sensuous exchange, or by diving courageously into the unbroken fathoms between and among us.

How can thinking about the ‘world as archipelago’, and thinking with islands and their inhabitants and visitors (not about them), help us explore what kinship means in a socio-politically, but not physically, divided world?

Kinship: World as Archipelago

About KINSHIP: World as Archipelago

I’m thrilled to share a discount code filipaKIN20 for advaya’s new six-week online course: KINSHIP: World as Archipelago. I will be attending the course, and you’re welcome to join me. Register at

Hosted and curated by Hannah Close, the course is taught by a group of diverse teachers. They are leading artists, scholars and activists including: David Whyte, Kailea Frederick, David Gange, Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, Iain McGilchrist, Alastair McIntosh, Himali Singh Soin, Maureen Penjueli, Leny Strobel, Bathsheba Demuth, Craig Santos Perez, and Anna Arabindan-Kesson.

We will navigate towards a unique island of inquiry each week. Through tentacular engagement with self, other, and the more-than-human, we’ll challenge colonial and essentialist notions of relationship, so that we might orient ourselves towards healthier ways of being together, ways that honour our profound entanglements with our elemental home.

The course is from 31 January – 7 March 2023, consisting of weekly live sessions on Tuesdays at 6pm UK time (sessions will be recorded). Purchasing the course includes access to weekly readings, resources and activities, and to a dedicated Discord forum to share insights and conversations with fellow participants.


Join the KINSHIP Online Course!

Register at, with my promo code filipaKIN20 for 20% off General Admission tickets. There are also concessions and bursaries available if you cannot afford the course.

Important: to use the code, start by choosing a General Admission ticket, then click “next” and click where it says “Do you have a promo code?” to insert your code. This is not an access code.

I hope we see each other there!

Much love,

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