Living in Reciprocity with the Land

Published on Dec 16, 2022 | Last updated on Feb 10, 2023

Living in Reciprocity with the Land | Online Self-Paced Class

In the Living in Reciprocity with the Land Online Class, we will talk about some of civilization’s myths and the importance of seeing our ancient ancestors with new eyes, as well as explore what it means to live a life in service to the land and ecological community, delving into topics such as getting to know our other-than-human family, reciprocal conservation, ancestral skills, animism and rewilding.

This class is part of a larger journey called LIVING AS SACRED:

Living as Sacred is an online journey that will guide you in reclaiming your sacred connection with yourself, your relationships, with the human and other-than-human world, supporting you to remember how to live in reciprocity and respect and how to better serve our common home, the Earth. Learn more about Living as Sacred and join other classes here

The “Living in Reciprocity with the Land” online class includes:

  • ​45 minute video class (in English with Portuguese subtitles)
  • PDF with resources to support you in the learning of the topics explored in the class (EN + PT)
  • PDF with practise (EN + PT)

Would you like to join the class?

If you, tap here and follow the instructions! » JOIN THE CLASS HERE «

Available until 30 April 2023! After the purchase, the class material will be immediately available to you, so that you can start with the class right away at your own pace. Also, you can a lifetime access to the materials! I truly hope you enjoy it, and please let me know if you need any help regarding the access to the class materials after payment.

Much love, Filipa

Hello there! My name is Ana Filipa Piedade and I am a portuguese hide tanner and ancestral skills student, practioner and teacher who finds a lot of joy in sharing about traditional living skills with others. I hope you enjoy this space!

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