Neolithic Living is happening! After 2 months of intense preparation, here I go to finally meet my tribe at Kierikki Stone Age Centre and live a full week at the Neolithic village there ✨⁠

Neolithic wooden house in Kierikki

Time was very limited, so there was a lot more I wish I had done but couldn’t. However, I couldn’t be happier with what I actually managed to do in so little time, which was so much more than I could ever imagine. I mean… I made a whole outfit! ehehe It’s truly rewarding 😊⁠

I couldn’t have done it without help, though. I am eternally grateful to Pedro Cipriano for helping me so much with the whole process, doing all house chores and bringing me food to my mouth so I could keep tanning/sowing non-stop 😄; to all the amazing shepherds in Foz Côa who helped me by saving as many sheepskins they could instead of throwing them away; to Eucalyptus trees for giving me their bark; to Sheep for giving me their beautiful skins and wool; and, of course, to my human family, friends and everyone who have been encouraging me along the way, giving me motivation to keep going, even when I just felt like giving up. Thank you ❤️⁠

Photo: Log house at Kierikki Stone Age Centre during the Summer of 2018 ❤️⁠

If you’re curious about what happened during my time at Kierikki, jump right to this article – Stone Age Living | My Week at Kierikki Stone Age Centre – and start reading all about it!

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