Trás-os-Montes in the 80’s by Georges Dussaud

Last updated Jan 2, 2023

These photos were taken by Georges Dussaud in the 80’s in Trás-os-Montes, the Northeast region of Portugal. In a time and place in which people still lived very close to the Land, Catholicism was obviously present and strong, and yet Paganism never disappeared, alive in the folk culture and traditions, in the Caretos (elsewhere known as Wilder Mann), in bruxaria (witchcraft) and the celebrations of the seasons. I love the work of Dussaud and how he captured the essence of the people of the region where my maternal grandma was born and part of my family has deep roots.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Dussaud’s work! You can see more of his work at:

Much love, Filipa

Hello there! My name is Ana Filipa Piedade and I am a portuguese hide tanner and ancestral skills student, practioner and teacher who finds a lot of joy in sharing about traditional living skills with others. I hope you enjoy this space!

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